Amber + Mel = foodies and theatre nerds.

So this is our food and theatre blog. For years Amber and I have been looking for an excuse to try out every new restaurant in Denver and one night it came to us: FOOD BLOG. Surely the masses want – no, NEED – our opinions about food. We LOVE food. The smell, the look, the texture, the taste… I was born to eat.  So the idea of a blog was born.

Then we asked ourselves, what pairs with food? (Besides, you know, everything.)  Our other passion, theatre! Amber and I own The Three Leaches Theatre company in Denver and always like to go support other small theatres. Why not combine our two passions and create a food and theatre blog?

Okay, so we had this idea for a food/theatre blog and then we thought, “We are creative and witty people- what shall we name said blog?”  I immediately said, “Food for thought!” and then swelled with pride for my clever idea. This was soon shot down because I’m sure every food blog in America is named “Food for Thought.”  I hung my head in shame and thought harder. Then it dawned on me. I had just seen the JCC’s production of “Little Shop of Horror” (Wonderful production, by the way! An entire cast of students ranging from 10-18 years of age. Absolutely charming.) and thought, “Feed me, Seymour.”  feed-me

Amber, being the brianiac of the two of us, made it a hit with, “Feed me, see more.”  Clever, fun, and perfectly describes what we want to discuss.

So here we are. Two foodies who want to spend even more time together (if that’s even possible) doing the two things we love most: Eating and watching some theatre. Then getting snacks afterwards and talking about it.

Please enjoy!


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