The Argyll Adventurers


Amber here with a review of Argyll Whisky Beer in Uptown and ALLOW ME TO SET THE SCENE FOR YOU, DEAR READER.

Mel and I are day five into the New Year and, of course, hungry. The weather is atrocious – freezing temperatures and blowing snow – but does that deter us? Never. Our food game is far from amateur, friend.

We agree on a restaurant about two blocks away and decide to brave the weather and walk. Mel is bundled up like a tiny babushka lady and I realize in the most terrifying fashion that my boots have no traction. I’m fairly certain trekking the arctic circle is maybe as difficult as our walk to this restaurant, but who knows. I’m prone to wild exaggerations.

And of course, the restaurant we’d hoped to visit was closed. Only open for dinner. We yelled, “NO!” into the snowy sky. That part is actually not an exaggeration.

Luckily, Argyll was next door and, more importantly, open. So in we went.

Argyll is a gastropub, specializing in classic British pub dishes that have been classed up quite a bit. They’re also known for their excellent beer and alcohol selection (that I did not take advantage of in order to maintain a dry January due to the nonstop festival of drinking AKA The Holidays).

It’s a beautiful restaurant – warm design and nice touches like dark tabletops, heavy cutlery, and cloth napkins. And my favorite part – a kitchen exposed to the restaurant so you can watch the chefs work their magic! LIKE REAL LIFE FOOD NETWORK GUYS!

We start with a Scotch Egg at Mel’s encouragement. Typically, a Scotch egg is a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage, covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. All things we love. And theirs wasn’t bad – Argyll’s egg was actually soft boiled, leaving all that wonderfully luscious yolk to ooze everywhere. The sausage had great flavor though lacked salt, and the fried exterior was a great contrast of textures. It was served with a wonderful salad of fennel, apple, and pickled onions. There was also a side of mustard orange aioli that was AMAZING. Like maybe I want to put that aioli on all the food all the time. JAYSUS.

Then our meals arrive. Mel ordered the a Rosemary Ham sandwich and I got the corned beef hash.

The Rosemary Ham sandwich was wonderful – a super crusty, chewy baguette coated with butter and a fruit mustard that complimented the sweetness of the ham perfectly. Excellently done fries – thin and crisp and SO MUCH MUSTARD AIOLI! Excellent stuff.

My corned beef hash was also delicious – perfectly poached eggs on a hash presented as crisp rounds that were tender and perfectly cooked on the inside, served with a greens that cut through the richness of the meal very well. And, obviously, a delicious mustard sauce on top. A beautiful plate with well-balanced flavors. Would I eat it again? I would eat it right now if I could.

To our ham sandwich or corned beef hash aficionados – do yourself a favor and try Argyll. You will not be disappointed.

… Then, after all was said and done, Mel and I – babushka baby and purposeless-boot lady – opened the door to the cold, unforgiving tundra that lay ahead. We trekked and trekked and eventually returned to the outskirts of civilization, where a bag of gummy bears and The Mindy Project was patiently waiting for us.

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